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I have been traveling much more in the past 24 months or so, both for business and leisure, so I thought I would share a few items and tips I have discovered along the way.

Firstly, travel with a power board from your own country, and then use a travel adapter to power the power board. Now with this it is important to remember several things, and make several decisions, firstly is whether make it a simple power board with no internal electronics (this means no USB chargers or alike) or a power board that does include these things and is rated for 110V-240V and 50Hz/60Hz input, most I have seen are not.

You also still need to remember that travel adapter DOES NOT change the voltage/frequency of the power supply, and neither does a power board, so you still need to check that your device is rated to accept the correct input voltage/frequency, which most common electrical transformers for portable devices (laptops, phones, cameras, etc) are these days.

To further reduce the amount I am carrying I am purchased a battery charger that can not only charge multiple batteries, but also multiple types of battery through the use of adapter plates, and do this simultaneously even if they are different voltages, and it has a USB charging port built in as an added bonus. This means I can reduce the four camera chargers (each charging one battery),  I have been carrying in the past down to one and whilst I may “loose” two battery spots, I find I rarely need to charge more than two or three batteries at any one time, and I can charge a battery, go for dinner, come back and charge the next batch, so no great loss apart from a little effort. If you need however, this device also has a 12VDC power input to charge from a standard power socket or cigarette lighter in a car. So what is this wonderful device? It is a Watson Duo LCD Charger (Available Here).

That solves at least some of the problem, so what about the rest? Well firstly it depends on what you have, in addition to the cameras I am normally carrying two phones (one local to overseas area for local calls and my work phone from home (which has my personal phone redirected to it), a tablet (USB charging), one or two battery packs (depending on time I am expecting to be away from a power source) and a laptop, and depending on the  reason for travel, again there could be another phone which is used to run some specialist software, and another one or two tablets. So how do I deal with this with only three remaining power points on your average power board, simple.

Most laptops are capable of charging one or two devices simultaneously, so I simply charge them overnight using my laptop. If I then need extra ports I can either add a PlugBug World (Twelve South PlugBug World) which adds yet another USB port, and can use many number of power input connectors. So two down, two to go. Enter the Skiva SmartQuad (Kickstarter Campaign) which gives me one left unused, bonus…



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