Ok, so I finally gave in and tried Evernote, is it as bad as I was expecting? Well I can honestly say no, it isn’t but it honestly leaves me wanting more.

One thing specifically that I want is nesting, well a greater allowence for it anyway. In its current for Evernote allows me to create nest groups and place notebooks below them other like I do with files and folders on my other devices and even things such as my eMail, what I do not like about it. is that it only allows for a single level of nesting, I need much more to create a heirarchy that is useful to me. I don’t know about others (hell I don’t even know how many people read this blog) but I organise myself by this nesting, and whilst I can honestly say I cannot wait for a “Production Ready” DBFS to allow me to have files virtually inside multiple folders but in the mean time I need the nesting functions. prehaps something more akin to how any modern OS handles it.

Now I am no programmer, and I have no real idea how hard it would be to implement in the Evernote program, but I have done it successfully in several database, based programs and if I can do it, it has to be much easier for a programmer who actually has some skills and knowledge.

In short, will I keep using Evernote? Yes I will, however until the nesting is taken care of its usefulness to me, and I imagine to many others is limited.

Written By Justin

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