3COM Baseline Console Settings & Password Reset

Had an issue today that required me to connect via Console to a 3Com (Now HP) Baseline 2948 switch, however the “usual” settings didn’t work, they required an increased baud rate, otherwise the output was totally screwy the settings that work are below

Baud Rate: 38400
Data Bits: 8
Stop Bit: 1
Flow Control: None
Parity: None

For this work to be carried out I needed to reset the password through command mode similar to how you would a Cisco devices (ROMMON) to enter this mode you reboot the switch (after you have established a console connection) and press Control + C until the menu comes up

this prompt will show you the available commands, in my cases I needed to use the command passwd and then had to reset the system by using reset -sysreset at which the switch rebooted and I could log into the web and console interface of the device using the default username/password (admin/blank) combination

Written By Justin

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